Bitcoin vs BCash Debate from PorcFest

ToneVays Website: Bitcoin: 3CRC2BHjgizPpKm4tH3BKf9dJcuf9HNtTt Guest: Next Trading Workshop (only …


  1. I can't stand tone I just came to see what Chris has to say. Last thing I want to hear is tone explaining what BTC is when he doesn't even know how the LN works.

  2. Tone…There is no "first" world. There is the 1/3 world of non-industrialized nations (many now industrialized) and the 2/3 world of industrialized nations. You're right though. BTC is and always was Bitcoin.

  3. Tone formula for victory:
    – Make the audio so bad that nobody can actually listen.
    – Somehow get a bunch of comments posted immediately talking about how great you were.

  4. Tony Vays does not mention his role in ‘Dash’ aka ‘Digital Cash.’ Obviously his interests are biased to his hatred toward BCH, let alone terrible supporting arguments. Also, Absolute plug move to title this video ‘btc vs bcash’. It’s clear who uploaded this video. Douche.

  5. horrible audio.

    Revolutionary tech with Bitcoin…. you would think audio would not be a problem with such revolutionary tech at our finger tips. SMH

  6. WTF is wrong with this guy? Everyone should and can use Bitcoin as much as they want. The functional Bitcoin is BCH. BTC starts to look more and more like a failed experiment.

  7. All these discussions really show is who is holding a bag of what. Unfortunately, but it's natural. I sold my bcash for Bitcoin soon after it forked, because I couldn't stand the idea of some Chinese company claiming to create the best ever Bitcoin. Now that I don't own it, I have no incentive left to ever change my mind due to any discussion. Same goes for the Bcash shills. Pity somehow, but that's what holding bags does to people I guess. The only people who could talk about it independently are those who still own both in equal amounts.

  8. Oh so because BCH supporters are all 'on the same page' (ideologically aligned) that = centralised? Nah mate that is the point of hardforks… when ppl like you and blockstream start fucking everything up, all the smart people up and leave. Hardforks = freedom. You either go along with it (compromise) or you go your own way. Just like groups of friends do. Can't believe this needs explaining. Soft fork = majority rules + You cannot leave! (That's prison)

  9. Thanks for the debate, it has been quite interesting, though I didn't realize so many hints about btc and bch like today. Anyway I would not undervalued diversification, many cryptocurrencies are out there to increase like VeChain, DeepOnion, Nano, etc.

  10. That fuck moderator had no clue how to talk into a mic.. sorry it just pissed me off as I'm trying to watch and I understand both tone and the other guy perfectly fine bit that damn guy sounds like he has shit in his mouth.

  11. B cash has already stepped prone to process zero fee transactions or whatever the talk/hype about that has been, just in time for when BTC rises back up everyone will deal around in B/cash then..or so they hope.

  12. Ugh! Tone you gotta do something about that audio. Can't you take an output from the House Audio Mixer (like an Aux Send) into your Laptop Line input? that way you will get CLEAN mic audio – NO echo from the house speakers.

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