Bitcoin Volumes SOAR on Binance, & Institutional Money Coming Into Crypto, South Korea, Swiss Banks

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  1. People still waiting for 3000k 5000k bitcoin 6000k bitcoin 😆😆😆😀😀😀😂😂😂😴😴😴😴dream on people buy so mush bitcoin as you can now the big boy's waiting for ETF release coinbase soon open millions go to the ETF in coinbase bitcoin 20k for Oct not dec bitcoin 50k dec

  2. I wonder if all these news are for real. We should learn from past experiences and understand how media and communication misuse had and still having a negative impact in peoples formation and information (part of manipulation and suppression of assets in the financial markets).
    I do not want to sound pessimist rather than realistic.
    Know the sources of the people who publish and promote those news.
    Nevertheless I highly appreciate your enthusiasm, positivism and your efforts for keeping us informed and having a different vision of our market.

  3. IMO.. Institutional Investors won't get in until the prices drop A lot lower.. imagine having millions of dollars to invest knowing the Crypto space is like a Huge Shark tank full of VEEERY hungry sharks.. You think you're gonna put your millions into a space just so every Tom Dick and Harry can Sell and Run off with it ? Nahh they know at current Valuations everything is still overpriced it's being manipulated by "The Coinbase Boomers" (Yaa I just created a name for Us) and as SOON as those prices spike at All it's gonna be a bloodbath.. so I think they are waiting till the prices drop more to indicate weak hands are out of the Pot

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