Bitcoin Update – THREE scenarios – 5 March 2018 – NOT Financial Advice

Bitcoin Update: – A must watch 15 minute video – I break down the Bitcoin Market – Show you what to watch for during next 4 days – There are THREE scenarios and you need…


  1. well done marius.. i was pissed off bcause you blockd me for asking a question- i was not trolling but this makes more sense… but sometimes i think people find it hard to follow you , maybe if you slow down a bit and explain a bit more detailed it will be easier for most to take in what you are trying to get across: so you said <: it will go down a bit ( wedge) , soon (around 8th of march it will turn, dollar cost ladder the buy ins from 10200 down to around 9000( depending on scenario) and we will never see such low levels ever again.. i agree – good luck , wealth health and properity to you all; and Dont sell cheap ever to those MOFOS on wallstreet!!

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