Bitcoin Update: 3 Levels YOU need to KNOW | Trader Explains

Having a pulse on market conditions can drastically improve your ability to enter the market profitability. Or it can give you an understanding that it might be best …


  1. We're currently $60 from that area, exciting stuff. I'm new to this game, got in around £4815 ($6730) and have been accumulating in a few projects before this current rise. What's your views on icon/icx and zilliqa? As a beginner, would you recommend just holding on to my coins and tokens or making a few trades along the way? As of now I've got half my investment back in profit already since I started about 3 weeks ago. I will be adding to my stack as time goes on either way. Great videos anyway man, quality content, I will be recommending your channel to anyone I come across that's looking to get into crypto.

  2. Pretty extensive analysis in this video. So the coiled Bitcoin snake broke out upwards to test the next resistance line. What do you think caused that 1 hour Jedi candle the other day?

  3. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, your videos are great. It looks like BTC broke above the POC over the last 24hrs. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

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