Bitcoin Transaction Explained in 5 Minutes

In this quick video, we do our best to explain the mechanics of a single Bitcoin transaction in 5 minutes or less. We explain things like addresses, wallet apps, …


  1. Hi Colt, I am a freelance PHP developer and working via Upwork. Now-a-days most of the clients from Upwork asking like Need a
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  2. Really enjoyed this. I'd never heard the public drop box explanation, but that is perfect for clearing up where the private key comes in (what I was struggling to understand!). Thanks!

  3. Hi Colt, I've noticed that some morons have decided espouse their nonsense in the comments. PLEASE don't let the idiots put you off growing your channel (not that I think they would but I wanted to say it anyway). Your courses are top-notch! Keep up the good work.

  4. Very cool to see you here Colt! I loved your Web Developer Bootcamp course on Udemy. You are my favorite teacher in web development! I've been learning web development for about 10 months now and I have just started applying for work. (my portfolio: 🙂 I want to thank you for your great content over at Udemy. I'm so excited to see what other content you will post here on YT! Best regards, Andrea.

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