{Bitcoin Trading World} $12,000 in 2 weeks/here is my REVIEW!

{Bitcoin Trading World} $12000 in 2 weeks/here is my REVIEW! Want to speak to me sometime? Message …


  1. Not trying to bring negativity but the percentage of how many of these crypto "mining and investment programs" that exit scam or just vanish are about 95%. While I appreciate you making an effort to make money it just doesn't seem genuine to me to be honest. How many of these programs have you shared that have failed or completely vanished? I also notice there are other correlations with these programs.. People that promoted many of the scammy lending type programs love these new ones. Also these referral programs are really the only way people make enough profit fast enough to hopefully cash some out and people that make the videos make crazy ridiculous faces for the thumbnail on the videos. Anyway not looking to argue just sharing my opinion from what I've seen in crypto.

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