Bitcoin Top 10 Trading Days for 2018

Bitcoin Top 10 Trading Days for 2018. Beginner Crypto Classes: (3 Classes) – $320 Sign Up Now – Debit/ Credit Card or Paypal …


  1. Welcome to the Crypto Crew! Thanks so much for all the overwhelming support, you guys are awesome! Would love to welcome you into my powerful classes! Links in description😃👊🏻

  2. So you say “the best day to invest in Crypto is the day after the worst day in Crypto”

    That is your great plan Steve? This is what is going to make me remember this video months from now as you claim? And make sure the Crypto crew are the 10% that survive?

    Please explain how you know what the worst day is?

    You say that you should never time the market because no one on planet earth knows what Crypto is going to do tomorrow. But this is exactly what you are doing!!! You are claim timing knowledge of the worst day?

    Be careful people oversimplifying Crypto is the fastest way to donate your portfolio value to others that work smarter than this.

  3. My wife has been managing a bank for 20 years and she's tired of it. I keep telling her to take your courses and then take money out of our savings account and start investing in crypto. How much would you recommend she start with? Considering we're not filthy rich or dirt poor. And we both have retirement accounts to fall back on in addition to our life savings. I told her $10,000? Is there an amount you recommend?

  4. In all honesty, I was skipping your plugs for the course…..after today ….. I am going to buy that course….today is about honest advice so I am in.

  5. Good video Steve , as always very helpful .Great info and insights. Keep it up please. I noticed you are not wearing the pink flamboyant tie this time , doesn't matter , being yourself is best we can do in life.

  6. Hi Steve! Thank you for your solid and great video. Can I ask how to register for the advanced classes? I couldn't find the information in the description of the video.

  7. Thanks Steve.. it is good to have you confirm that holding is the winning strategy! Trying to be that 'Day/swing trading hero' will lose you more money than playing the markets long term cycle. Great channel!

  8. Wonderful stuff Steve, thanks again. U have helped Me so so much with My own predictions. I would love to hear your insight of volumes and how do You use them, and how powerful can they Be as indicators?

  9. I think it's good to screw up and do everything wrong with small amounts so you know how it feels to be dummy so you can do the right thing and learn from Steve.

  10. this contradicts your previous videos about timing the purchases of btc with TA. Simple method-use DCA and buy double when btc frops30% from a swing high

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  12. Buying low and selling high…using indicators….day/swing/long term trading….these are all about timing the market. That is the whole point of trading, to time the market.

  13. Love your videos with great knowledge about the markets, technicals, experience telling like you see it, and especially your passion! You should consider doing a signal service for trading bots and telegram with your buy/sell suggestions along with analysis on a daily basis.

  14. Huh…. Very interesting, Steve…. I think I got the gist of it. It's a good thing I (coincidentally) match your three suggestions: Have a plan, control emotions and cannot time the market. I also have experience with stock market so this is not entirely unfamiliar to me. The system I have has yielded some results and I have been able (to a degree) to predict market movements. I saw this correction coming for a while now. However, I didn't expect the magnitude of the dip because of the Upbit investigation (predicting that would've been Nostradamus level) or the new Mt. Gox re-sell. So, I will DEFINITELY keep your comments in mind for next tradings! 😀 Thank you!

  15. Hello Steve, I subscribed but never introduced myself, I'm 45 and from Mexico I know my country isn't doing well and I entered crypto to leave poverty behind, and I relate to your stories, I know everything You say is truth also I see how You put your heart in every video specially this one, I'm saving money to buy Your classes, I haven't really trade or let's say I've only lost 10 to 20 bucks and that was before I started watching your videos and I know that if I want to be serious I have to become Your student BEFORE I risk more than a couple hundred bucks. But none the less I'm already learning a lot, You have a big heart.

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