1. Great video Ed right down my street. The whole financial system has been a lie for so many years now draining money from the average person and redistributing it to the elites. Did you know the great depression created more millionaires than any other period in time. Just saying 😉

  2. Agreed 💯 as always. Not seeing the capitulate yet. But, we're still left putting bitcoin into the industry standard box. Sure it might look like just another equation. But, like you always say comparing it to any other asset class is not a wise move. Because it's not like any other asset class we've ever seen before. We can't expect it to play by the same rules.

  3. I swear this connects, Nomi Prins is great AND, I really liked this recent piece by Mat Taibi in Rolling Stone about how the world was robbed by the Elites in 2008 and how they are marching towards doing the same again very soon. We really are being practically FARMED by these Bastards.


    Great episode. You really hold the torch high for us all. Thanks.

  4. What’s up cryptospark? I like to watch your vids when I get the chance. How do u feel about Monero? I gotta say they have always been one of my favs but I hadn’t checked up on them in a few months and now they have some amazing lightweight wallets and ledger support. That is the only thing Iv been waiting for to really become a Monero maximalist lol.

  5. miners are not selling, the steady growth we've been seeing is real but then we have some asshole that just dumps the market. i believe we already touched the bottom but im just being hopeful lol im done buying the dips

  6. Just about everything is down 90% on their highs, once ETF & BAKKT comes in prices will rise, right now is the time to buy, you will never have an opportunity like you have now, don’t listen to rubbish, keep watching Crypto Spark he knows what he’s talking about.

  7. so why would any knucklehead talk or repeat the talk about 3k when we haven't reached 6k or 5500 or 5k or 4k for that matter? anyone who thinks bitcoin will go bellow 6k should invest in hens instead. and maybe you'll get some eggs in return.

  8. I agree with your analysis and the angle is correct.this is not new we are at a crossroad global event. do not put all your eggs in one basket, is either east or west.

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