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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – BTC will kill the internet, Russian banks going big on crypto, JP Morgan the hypocrite, village ICOs, crypto art, and freedom of …


  1. Russian and other banks want to have a portion of Coinbase crypto market income( Barclays bank thinking to give an option for customers to buy crypto, not sure will it be transferable or only inner system based).
    Hacken team bringing value to crypto space. Access to CER data probably will be must have for crypto traders. I hope Hacken will bring even bigger thing similar to Traderview but with even more data and AI implemented.
    My 5yrs old nephew can't wait for Pigzbe(new generation getting even younger, tech-savvy).
    Thank you for creating a very interesting video! Each topic made me think about it and lose track of the next topic. Watched it twice at least.

  2. Greetings from Tonga. Hey Lark big like as ever. Any chance that you will put up the net neutrality live cast, I arrived just before the end and it looks like I missed a great session. Side note: Just saw the kind of whale that you want to see…..Some friends are back in Aus at a wedding so I am looking after their pets and staying at their place. I just sat down on their deck to do some work …looked up and there they were about 300 mars in front of me…Great way to enhance an already beautiful day. Anyway another great vid, cheers J

  3. I don't know… central bankers really have gotten a bad rap. In the midst of fomenting wars (along with their luciferian buddies) and the deaths of many millions, they've done some good things here and there.

  4. you are a kiwi? adopt me !!
    on another note energywise blockchain shouldnt cant reduce its powerneeds for security reasons.
    but the good news is if energy has that additional incentive to improve energy production/cost it could help accelerate the research od new energy sources

  5. These big banks screw over their customers and make so much money that it's worth it to just pay the fine if they get caught, and still come out with a profit. If they don't get caught, well, that's just even more profit. Horrible. Mainstream crypto adoption can't come soon enough.

  6. Blockchain is just a data base and a slow one per say. Nothing special about it. Everyone can create his own ledger. When banks go crypto they will attack certain coins and try to regulate them. That's when a lot of forks will happen. And we will fork and fork and fork and go our own way, each and every time. When you hear that the government is creating their own Blockchain, that's where you should go away. Some people hate hard forks, but actually they're a good thing. When atomic swaps will be fully implemented people will not need centralized exchanges to exchange their coins anymore. It will be possible without a single middle man, without any fees and with your own private keys. In the end it doesn't even matter what the governments try to do with cryptocurrency anymore. It will just evolve on it's own.

  7. Wow, Im a Coloradian, I will look into Civil Media Company. Heard it here first! Yes, It is hard to post on the Denver Post site, If they don't agree they will take your comment off or even write back and say what there opinion is of your comment , then take it off. lol True story

  8. As soon as institutions line their pockets with crypto, they will turn on their heels and be more than happy to sell you some or have you invest in the derivatives.

  9. Love you’re show more than any other crypto-you tuber because you have a balanced world view. Unfortunately as good as some others in this space are, they are way too US centric and think everything revolves around Coinbase and US regulators. Crypto is the Worlds currency not the US’s

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