Bitcoin to $100,000 by 2020?!?! Price Prediction INSIDE!

Trade Like a Professional – The Art and Application of Technical Analysis: Please do consider gently tapping …


  1. Советую обратить внимание на десантную Одиссею / airdrop-odyssey вы можете получить бесплатные монеты, они уже в продаже на Kucoin 😉

  2. Does anyone invest in good oid fashion inventions anymore that are real and have genuine big markets ??? Lol , till then I'll be in Krowny's cave waiting with my new bro's 🙂

  3. Awesome video, thanks Krown! I was going to trace it for myself off one of your past streams but would have been a bitch to find. Perfect timing! I'm a career web/dev looking to go entrepreneur mode in crypto apps. We should chat some time.. Will check out discord at some point. Cheers!

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