Bitcoin to $100 says HARVARD, Lawyers love crypto, XRP Ripple

BitcoinPrice to $100 says HARVARD, Lawyers love crypto, XRP Ripple are the topics. Good Morning Crypto!


  1. It takes around $2,000 to mine a Bitcoin now than it was 5 years ago. This guy is too educated to think everyone else is stupid, but himself. SMH.

  2. What is rated the number 1 country in overall standard of living SWITZERLAND , who are the financial geniuses of the world SWITZERLAND , who is in full support of BITCOIN , SWITZERLAND , enough said.

    100 $ more like 1 million dollars . Again if you DO NOT understand crypto currency DO NOT invest in it.

  3. bitcoin is a transfer of wealth they can regulate it but when people want to shift money away from falling house prices and stock markets bitcoin is where it is at and it is decentralised the more people get on it the harder it is to stop

  4. Pay taxes with a coin based on 21 million units is oh-so-very-stupid…
    If they really wanna pick one, be it staff like XRP : 100 BILLION coins !
    Why take decentralized coins ? Just create a state-bound GOV crypto.
    A state can request the services of teams like Ripple to build just that.

  5. Illinois is trying to unearth those bitcoin millionaires who have been avoiding taxes. The plan is that anyone who takes the bait will then be audited to find out if they had also been paying tax on gains made.

  6. Ivan you should follow the stock market and the class action suits that mount up there. They happen EVERY DAY. Nothing rarely comes from it. But yes, lawyers do love it because people who do silly things with their money always want to blame someone other than themselves, then the lawyers happily take their money.

    As someone who understands stocks, I'm wondering how much I understand about crypto. Suing youtubers because a company they don't work for did something is the craziest thing I've ever seen. That's like someone at Best Buy asking me about a Westinghouse TV and I say, "I got one for black friday… works good for me." They buy it and it burns their house down and now they want to sue ME and not Westinghouse.

    Furthermore, I had some money in Bitconnect, I still do not see where the scam was. They did everything they said they would do in their agreement and they didn't shut down, they actually gave everyone their money back in the form that people gave it to them… in BCC… and PEOPLE panic sold it all which dropped the price substantially. They didn't delete the coin or blockchain, everything still works. Now, whether the coin has any use is up for debate… I can't see the point of the coin anymore, but if people didn't sell it, the price would remain the same. Just like how the folks at Mt. Gox are selling their BTC and it keeps dropping the price of the entire market. Same thing right? Or am I lost?

  7. Hi ivan. I like your Channel and the simple and strait way you explain your ideas. Just one thought: Have you ever consider moving the square, where you appear talking, to the top? The reason is that you are behind the subtitles that I like to use. 🙂

  8. Deceptive title. He says it's more likely it goes to $100 than to $100,000 in the next ten years ago. I also agree it's more likely to fail than to be worth $100,000 dollars a coin. Bitcoin is still worthless like all digital tokens because for most large purchases that mean anything—houses, cars, paying your electric and gas bill, buying food from the store–you have to convert Bitcoin to a fiat currency. The only thing I'm able to do with Bitcoin is place sportsbets, buy things from the dark web, or to send it to someone else who is a crypto-nerd (who will convert it to fiat most likely). I've had them since $225 and the speculative gains have been great, but actual use for the coin has not increased and the network is slower and fees are 10fold higher. Maybe if you live in a country like Venezuela or another place where their local currency is worth nothing, then you might be able to directly use BTC to buy something of value like a house. In the United States, Bitcoin is a fun way to keep your cash if you don't mind big swings, but I can't spend BTC directly anywhere.

    Also, taxes can be devastating on BitCoin. The "gains" are reported to the IRS from exchanges and it doesn't matter if you've spent or lost that BTC. I might be in a very sticky situation this year because of all the "gains" that were supposedly reported but since I spend the Bitcoin or if it was lost on Sportsbets or some other ways, I could potentially be liable for tons of taxes on "paper gains" that aren't real or that I no longer have or never had

  9. The reason a ex IMF person would say that is because Bitcoin and crypto in general will render the IMF obsolete by solving world poverty. Totally makes sense he would say that now LOL!

  10. The title of this video is misleading. Ken Rogoff doesn’t represent the majority of the professors at Harvard Business School, and certainly not the students.

    In fact, Harvard is all over blockchain and cryptocurrency in general. I’ve personally been to several lectures at HBS over the last six months, and the insight I gained from those talks have a lot to do with my bullishness on blockchain and crypto.

  11. (( Harvard University )). Crypto is anathema to the (( academics )) and student body at Harvard. It is clearly a threat to ((their)) banking system and world power. If Cryto is to survive, and I believe it will, we need to start naming the enemy.

  12. The whole world of fiat currency is in a bubble because the financial system has to grow in order to survive. Where do you think people will flock to when the banking system collapses? I think they will flock to gold and crypto currencies. Don't let your government take away your financial freedom!

  13. Hey mate, thanks for a great review! I'm curious if you can do one about DeepOnion?
    It's a young coin, focused on anonymity and privacy, integrated with Tor network by default. I'm sure it's pretty underrated now and may bring a huge long-term profit.

  14. transfering money trough the world is not enough. Is not user friendly, thats killer. I'm holding but pfff only advanced computer users are buying, too few.

  15. Price is subjective. The price is whatever people can be convinced the price should be. If they believe Fiat currency dominators it will be $100 and if they believe bitcoin Maximalists it will be $100,000, depending who has the biggest voice in the market. "If you repeat a Bitcoin Price often enough, people will believe it." – Joseph Goebells.

  16. Keep telling thre truth, Ivan! Some days it will be great, and some days it will be FUD. This is just how life rolls, the good and the bad. It is up to each of us to educate ourselves on what to buy and why you buy it. Unfortunately, government schools taught us the opposite of critical thinking here in amerika. Because of this, people just want money handed to them out of thin air….kind of like how our government rolls, creating dollars out of thin air! The "Common Core" kids have been weaponized against freedom and will never 'get it'.

  17. Who gives a toss about one professors opinion. Not sure why it gets so much news. One guy. There’s millions of professors that make predictions on stuff and they get zero news coverage.

  18. I predict that Harvard Guy will be completely impotent in ten years and his only use case will be as a dusty old door stop. Just throwing some salt back his nasty way. BTW – Bitconneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect!

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