Bitcoin The Trend YOU Need To Know! January 2019 News, Price Prediction & Trade Analysis

Trade Like a Professional – The Art and Application of Technical Analysis: ***Master Your Options*** …


  1. I listen in the car a lot, when you say "over here" it would be great if you could say the price if you remember.
    As I've said before, don't apologise for your stutter. It's very minor. I don't notice unless you mention it. You just sound excited.
    Thanks for all the free stuff.

  2. Krown Dude — thank you for the invite to join the Krown Kave Party! I watched the interview on FUD TV and couldn't help but feel the great energy and your expertise illuminating off the screen. I hit both the subcribe and notification button and truly appreciate you and this channel. I Predict 100 K subcribers by end of Q2 2019. May God Bless you and your Subcribers!

  3. Didn’t invest a huge amount of dough in lite coin thanks to your advice bro 😍👍 and I must admit it was hard not to jump on the hype but kept my cool and learning to do more of little at a time and be a little more patient!

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  5. Thanks Krown, Looking at the daily chart did you notice where BTC started taking red dildos it was right at the point where the candle hit the daily Top and shoulder trend line. It was brought up the other night on your live stream. Do you think there is resistance there or was it just a one off?

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