Bitcoin technology: The most blockchain patents filed by BofA, Bove says

Vertical Group research and bank analyst Dick Bove on bank earnings and the tax reform package’s impact on financials.


  1. Let me explain how I discovered Bitcoin. One day, I wanted to know how to get to the Silk Road,I just decided that I wanted to see what it was. I had been shown it 1 time previously randomly, glancingly, years before. And I just wanted to see what it was because it was becoming a big topic again. I found a link on Reddit, and had to download the Onion Browser. I found the Silk Road and everything was marked with a little bitcoin dollar symbol. So I copied and pasted the Bitcoin dollar symbol into Google, because I was confused by it, and didn't know if it was dollars, or some thing for their website or whatever. So I googled the symbol and found Bitcoin, and Bitcointalk. And started the Bitcointown Concept, then Bud Light Copied me with their town and the character advertising it and everything went crazy from there (far from the only thing that happened regarding National Companies and Comedians and Media and all that, but that is where it really started).

    That is why Temple Coin is represented by ॐand ཨ because it needs the symbol. And those symbols mean more than "Money".

    Bitcoin's value does not come from Greed, Bitcoin's value does not come from it being secure. Bitcoins value comes from the novelty, and the fact that it is used to purchase things. And that started with Drugs, Guns, Counterfeit money and Sawed off body parts on the Silk Road. When I say that after January 20th Seeds will be available, then we will start the Company in Armenia, then we will buy silver and allow Temple Coins to be exchanged for Silver. This is not based on nothing. I was part of Bitcoin when it was $5, I know what I am talking about.

    Devcoin has no Cap, meaning Coins are made forever and ever, and never stop being made, and less are not made. 180,000,000,000 that’s 180 Billion Devcoins, are made every month. So it is extremely inflationary. The only way to make a Currency like that work is to have everyone put their coins on the Market. If you hold a Coin that inflates like that, you are basically just stupid and greedy in a way that is backwards and doesn’t benefit you.

    Holding Devcoin is like holding Milk, not Gold. Unless there is room to grow (e.g. having me involved). The only way your Devcoins go up in value is by constantly expanding the Market, until everyone in the World is using it, then at that point it just inflates into nothing like it would have in a Small Group, it just takes longer Globally.And if you can Colonize the Moon and Mars, you can maybe keep markets alive forever.

    That is the only way Devcoin can work. Otherwise, it is useless.

    We have a Normal Coin. A Coin that will only ever have about 138,000,000 that’s 138 Million, ever, and it will take like 20 Years to get to that number. So our Coin will be much much more valuable than Devcoin.

    Temple Coin will easily read $0.01 each, then also easily reach $0.50 each, and will slowly go up and down from there, unless we get World Wide attention quickly for our Town Project and the Currencies we will be making in Armenia.

    Temple Coin has 6x as many Coins that will exist as Bitcoin does, meaning it could be 1/6 the value of Bitcoin, meaning Temple Coins may end up being $1,000 each or much more, but I am just saying that it will easily get to $0.50 each, and will probably go to $5, $10, etc.

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