Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Short Term Vs Long Term – Cryptocurrency/BTC Trading Analysis

Looking at the crypto currency markets for trading BTC and LTC etc. This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Binance and Kucoin.


  1. This is all true, but on average you will also have losses so you may average to be as good as hodling or only a bit better but also potentially much worse. We can't all get rich as the ones that make a gain do it off of the losses of others. It is very dangerous to give a false sense of security as with leverage you are also likely to make massive losses. The worst is that those that follow trading signals of others don't develop their own skills and one day they will all follow the leader off of a cliff… Stop losses are not as safe as you think as slippage can easily liquidate your account if you are too leverage and trade too much at a time.

  2. in a parabolic bull market like the end of last year nothing would have beaten hodling the top 10 coins. the market we are in right now you are correct, day trading is the name of the game.

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