Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) Root or Route… [03/16/2018]

Would you like to learn to analyze Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, NEO, Dash, Cardano, EOS and many more cryptocurrencies with technical analysis like this, using the Elliott…


  1. you are absolutely amazing.. Can you go over one thing please.. When you did your ABC @ 7:31 mile market.. you show C can possibly land at 1500… but i think you get -1500 (negative). Does that invalidate anything in your opinion.. i am going to keep watching (this is the third time) to make sure it doesnt negate anything you later adjusted.. but just wanted to point it out in case there was an important point to learn from that ABC point. againt THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. If it falls into the region of 2000-3000, I will bring in my big guns… joke……after that, I will off my computer screen for one year and enjoy my ride up passively.

  3. Hey Sam thanks for your time and TAs.
    I see two exchanges one of which is BitStamp being used a lot for TAs what is your reason using specifically BitStamp?
    Is it a major exchange?

  4. First time I've watched your videos , someone mentioned you in a chartguy video comment . Some really good stuff , Ill have to go back and watch all you videos to build my knowledge .Thank you

  5. Always waiting for the Bitcoin Friday video of Sam. Thank you again for spending so much time for the community.
    On your ultra-bearish scenario at 7:20, I almost got an heart attack when your aim the C wave to the -0.236 which is pointing the -1598 USD target (and not +1598) => Doesn't it invalidate this count?… Or it just means BTC is a really bubble that would pop down to 0 : real "bear porn" 😅

  6. Sam: Outstanding work: the best TA I have ever seen. I need to better understand EW tech started years ago but found it very difficult to understand. will take your course in the near future when I retire soon. I almost threw up at about 8:00 in the broadcast 🙂

  7. If this is an expanded flat correction inside wave 2 (hardly happens, flats generally happen in wave 4), then we've already hit the 1.618 extension of wave a. In rare cases it can expand beyond that to the 2.618 of wave a, which would take us to $5604 per bitcoin.

    Obviously we can land somewhere inbetween there, however, my main issue is the fact we had a wave 1 extension down off of the B that looks to be an impulse wave, how then can we have an extended wave 5, or even an extended wave 3 of the same magnitude? The subwaves could be extended but not the main count itself, correct?

    Unless I am mistaken, this would then imply the C correction is over, and wave 3 has started (if the expanded flat ABC correction is valid), however we are now seeing extremely odd behavior for a wave 3 which is generally an impulse.

    Additionally, the retraces within the wave 1 impulse down are extremely shallow which I believe you pointed out.

    Either I'm missing something, or onto something. Any ideas?

    Thanks for any comments regardless, trying to wrap my brain around it.

  8. @ 7:25 , Your measurement is way off. You have the C running all the way to -1500$ . It can't go below 0$. Come on man.. All this bearish talk. We haven't even broken the long term trend line. Which would be around 6600 depending on the exchange.

  9. i think your placements of (A) (B) (C) may have been wrong. (A) should be 8375, (B) at 9890 and now it is making a (C) down to sub 8000 or maybe sub 7000. then we may expect (A) = (C) at 6620, a rather reasonable scenario. Its now doing 5 subwaves within (C)., with iv likely done at 8600

  10. I think that we will be trading internal for the rest of the year..all the way down,..then up but lower high,..higher low etc..and we will go up early next year. Cheers!

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