Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) Is that a horn or a claw..? [03/29/2018]

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  1. Also keep in mind that our move to 6000 (allmost algo target of 1.272 of 5700) hit on 06.02 might have been wave 3 cming down, for the abc to a high of 11500 on 05.03 (hit another algo 0.5 between wave 1—2). That makes for the big 5th wave cming down now to a worst low between 2,5k (algo target 1,68) and 1275 (algo target 1,75). Bullish low is hopefully 5650, 5000 or 3475.

    If we dont break 8300, we are going for my lower numbers.

    Would be easier to send you a picture. 😀

  2. Hey Sam. Do you think we are in a1—5 cming down, for a long A, then we do and abc for the B up, and then another 1—5 cmning down for a year long correction? I can send you a chart where I checked elliot waves for this playing out (on price and RSI).

  3. The last pivot you pointed out at the very end of the video is where went, 24 hours after you posted. It hit the 6650 at around Noon on Friday. Can't wait for your next vid.

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  6. Bulls die hard but numbers don't lie – what a comment! thank you again for the TA! It just helps getting rid of my emotions.Still needs lots of practice though. ZEN! ^^

  7. Bitcoin hit 6550 on bitstamp. the rsi and macd looks like it is going to bounce. Also if you use a fib extension on this last c wave down on the hourly it makes sense 🙂 good luck guys. How big will the bounce be though?

  8. I think it’s clearly a abcXa with the current one finishing a. Where X is the rise from 7250 to the recent high. It looks likely it’s finishing of the 5 waves labeled a

  9. Sam, I'd like to know what you think about this principle – When there is no increasing volume in the total marketcap, the impulse wave is more likely to be a diagonal in a bear scenario. When there is increasing volume in the total marketcap, the probability of diagonal diminishes. Hence we should be looking at diagonals in this current market situation. Could this explain why we get stopped out?

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