Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) Double ZZ Top. Have Mercy… [06/18/2018]

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  1. I disagree with the correction timing point, news HAS to be taken into consideration at some point and the space has developed incredibly over the past year. Its hard to compare the length of a correction now to the length of a correction 5 years ago when the space was in its infancy and not even taken seriously by governments, financial institutions, the general public, ect. I'm not saying the correction is over and doesn't have the possibility to go on for a considerable amount of time longer, but I doubt it will last as long as the other large on did in terms of percentage.

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  3. finally a realistic long term price anaylsis. Most analysts only focus on 2017-2018 using Binance and other recent exchanges. Im a noob and I could tell right away that was an immense fallacy and we are going way lower. The path is not linear, so we will see many bounces in between. Charlee Lee was right, we are entering a multi year bear market

  4. Love the great TA guys…i tend to disagree and posted my count…if you notice the length of wave 3 in the Wave 1 circle seems more logical combined with the major volume circled in yellow being in Wave 3 circle which is common. My beleif is that we still have a wave 5 of 3 circle to go and then a wave 4 and wave 5 circle in the next few years..this coincides with the havening coming up in 2020. I still agree with your view that this current correction will last longer than this…cheers

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