Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) : Crypto or Vegas..? [09.05.2018]

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  1. From the looks of things, next entire week will be negative (or longer like two to three weeks), possibly hitting 6100 and lower. I am being realistic here. Again, wait for everyone to get negative and shorts to dominate overwhelmingly before you guys buy in again. Thats the trick.

  2. The more I watch your vids the more I think you look way to close at the subwaves to be efficient in finding the bigger picture of direction. Even you have said the trend is your friend and the macro trend is down. Good luck

  3. My stop loss price didn't get triggered, and got completely blown through on the limit sell. Sucks! This has happened on on GDAX and also Binance. Apparently, you still have to babysit them. I'm pissed. That was a 4k giveaway on move up gains with no recourse. Be careful everyone. I quadruple checked my stop losses and move ups daily for "locked in gains" that still don't work.

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