Bitcoin Technical Analysis – 200MA support across the markets. BTC ETH Stocks.

BTC – Bitcoin Technical Analysis I look at ETH fork and ABC, Bitcoin sideways support and resistances + stock market relief rally from the 200 weekly MA support …


  1. I think people will turn where u point them to, if u trading stock market and your excitement is there at the moment, i would really like u to do videos on stock market i think it could attract different audience as well while the crypto enthusiasts would broaden their perspective on trading

  2. Love all your analyses. Appreciate the ones you do for stock market too. Trying to diversity and set up a long term portfolio with stocks and looking to get some good buys. Any suggestions?

  3. By February, I think you will regret that you didn't zoom out on the charts. The largest pattern on the chart indicates bullishness.

    Also, consider the logic of markets. The smart money who sold at the top in January 2018, have been shorting the markets all they way down. They are now nearly 2 times as rich they were before. On the other hand, all the dumb money who are shorting at the bottom of this market now, they are likely be shorting with last weeks paycheck (having lost nearly everything). The fire power each side is totally uneven.

    The safe direction to go right now, even for short-term play, is long.

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