Bitcoin Talk Show #47 – Monday January 22, 2018 #LIVE – SKYPE WorldCryptoNetwork

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  1. when you say "bcash" it makes me feel really sad, i guess you can pretend to yourself you're saying it because it's shorter if that makes you feel better, it's not going to make me feel ok with it

  2. 41:0051:00 In a way this idea of "creating" units already exists. Every altcoin market I know is traded against bitcoin. The investors that invest the bitcoin use that as the collateral for the team and network to build and grow. It follows this 'creation' model most closely because consensus within the network is the arbiter that ensures the safe return of capital and ROI but obviously only in projects that succeed (and aren't scams according to WCN). Of course, this means it is impossible to create a non-debt-based monetary policy/network that always successfully prints the correct amount of money to fund the exact number of projects that are 100% more successful than debt-based loans (although it very well could be much better). I believe that this is the tradeoff to the traditional hierarchies which, hopefully, a supermajority of people believe are far more deceiving and corrupt than the superior systems we have today. If they do in fact believe this to be the case, then bitcoin would ultimately be a good ambiguous monetary network to base these kinds of structures from to serve the most accurate consensus of the global population.

    In short, no one government or minority of people can accurately portray their road map to perfect governance or freedom better than a supermajority node network that crowdfunds smaller networks that provide basic citizen utilities and/or benefits.

  3. Thanks for the mempool explanation. It's so helpful as a layperson to be able to understand a bit of this of this stuff. Please keep it up. And yes, it was live during work hours, so I had to watch the replay. Evenings, PST, would be better for me, but it's a no-win. To gain the west coast, you might lose the east.

  4. Post-scarcity and Star Trek: "The 24th century human society of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has been labeled a post-scarcity society due to the ability of the fictional "replicator" technology to synthesize a wide variety of goods nearly instantaneously,[42] along with dialogue such as Captain Picard's statement in the film Star Trek: First Contact that "The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force of our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity.""

  5. Missed the Skype, I know you guys have addressed it, but would be good to talk about Blockstream / Bitcoin Core dev and Segwit conspiracy theories. The videos keep creeping up saying it's the end of Bitcoin. Criticisms to Segwit are an interesting topic too

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