1. Not sure I like your trade Sunny. You've gone all in at once. The daily is not overbought & we're about to start a new day. It didn't bounce immediately…it'll settle for a few hours then quite possibly be off again…would be wise to wait & see. Catching the bottom of a spike is not normally a great strategy unless there is other evidence available.

  2. BYE BYE BITMEX – I had a very tight Stop Market order in place and in profit yesterday on BCHZ18 and woke up this morning to see the 22% crash, fine i thought, my stop would have triggered and i would have made profit. I log in to Bitmex and to my horror i see that i got liquidated. Not only did my stop market order not trigger there is no sign of it in history, its as if it was never there.
    I don't know whether Bitmex stole my cash or their platform simply isn't up to the job, if an exchange cannot process a stop market order then it is simply not worth trading on it. My stops on Kraken & Coinbase both triggered and i am happy that i spread my risk over several exchanges. No more XBT deposits into Bitmex from me and I urge anyone else to think twice before using it until they get their platform sorted/regulated.

    As for the weather, the algo bots running this market don't care about the weather, there is a reason that the majority of large moves start at exactly 00:00 GMT (UTC 01:00), that's the time when the calculated Pivot points change so all the algo bots move in tandem to the new target.

  3. With all due respect, saying the hurricane has anything to do with the crashes is just plane silly! I was hoping you were going to say its just a joke. Shaking my head.

  4. Many thanks (again) for your open and frank post. I like that you tell us what trading moves you make… and (of course) that we really shouldn't be following. It's all super speculative, but I kinda like that. If you have $100 to bet, why not have a go, just as long as you know you are likely to lose it. Great work – thanks again.

  5. This is giving us some hint as to the degree of speculation in bitcoin (high). Tightening federal reserve interest rates reduce liquidity (globally) which makes all speculative assets decline in value. Obviously, at some point bitcoin should be resistant to this, but right now it's tiny compared to the M2 monetary supply and is going to feel the pinch just like other investment assets. That said, I wouldn't read too much into any short term price movements.

  6. And people still can't see that the whole crypto space is manipulated, it ain't conspiracy theory it's fact, people don't even believe their eyes anymore, bitcoin etc has been taken over by big money but it certainly isn't there for the good of humanity

  7. Hurricane has nothing to do with the crash .. Watch the BOND MARKET … When interest rates go up it is STOCK MARKET NEGATIVE people need to open the eyes .. If anyone wants to learn anything about us economy than you need to listen to Gregory Mannarino

  8. lol nothing more than a mini whale/group taking profits
    i personally dont care if it drops, unless there is massive market changes its impossible for it to drop very far
    way too much money here now for the price to go below mining profitability

  9. Why has no one brought up the idea that when the market drops dramatically, often people are caught with margin calls, and they are forced to liquidate other assets to cover.

  10. This was obviously manipulation to make it look like Bitcoin is connected to the old system… If Bitcoin didn't move down then everyone would see that Bitcoin is uncorilated and the safe place to store wealth… This was nothing but an attempt to control the narrative… Look bitcoin isn't going down in the face of a stock market crash… Quick somebody sell 30k btc stat! Lol There that btc chart looks better! Lol. It's going to get very expensive in the years ahead to pull this shit… I don't buy it but I'll buy the dip!

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