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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Millenials love Bitcoin…..surprise! Uganda gets Binance, Bitcoin and the sex drugs nexus, no rock and roll, sorry! Crypto …


  1. Lark, I saw you in person at NAC3, I just can't stress enough how your personality and passion is a bright spot amongst this oftentimes money oriented crypto community! Keep up the good work, and all hail Uganda Knuckles!

  2. You raise some very valid points for which I am passionately aligned. (Just a little point: I dont think Ross is accused of the actual 'creation' of the site, just for being the alleged 'mastermind', correct me if wrong).
    Bitcointopia… Dont get too excited, if you watch Roger Ver's speech at Anarchapulco you will hear how he plans to purchase land from a 'developing nation' and pay for its independence (after he runs for the US presidency of course), thus creating a Roger Ver 'non nation'…. look out Jones town and Waco, Rogers own Helter Skelter is on its way! Thanks for Mr Burns 😀 So true.

  3. Enjoyed your video as usual. Onc thing I noticed.. you forgot to mention the ones who actually most enjoys the anonymity of the fiat is POLITICIANS! 😉

  4. Sure, I also want the price to go up, but to me this is less about the market and more about the movement! Crypto can bring us security, equality, and P2P connection…very powerful video Lark, well done!!

  5. Reported by the Daily Mail (UK) “Every British bank note is contaminated by cocaine within weeks of entering circulation” – as far as I’m aware no Bitcoin has ever been rolled up to snort Coke !! Perhaps the US authorities are investigating the wrong currency for links to illegality , they really are soooo dumb

  6. Harvard reviewed 30 studies in 2015 and they determined prescription drugs are killing 400,000 Americans every year as well as over 2m long term injuries (injuries that are typically sustained for at least a year). Illicit drugs are responsible for less than 20,000 a year and the vast majority of those deaths are not attributed to the illicit drug itself but rather what these drugs are 'cut' with. How many more of us need to die? #NoMoreLies #TruthHeals

  7. Legalize everything –> SAFER communities and smarter people. Portugal did it. They're doing better for it…… The two sided agency that is corporations/government in regards to drugs is probably one of the biggest hindrances to human progress, YET they blame US for inciting crime when they have been proven to be the biggest perpetrators time and time again…. Hypocrisy at its finest

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