Bitcoin – Separation of Money and State? – #OPINION

Get on the Waiting List ☆ Should we separate money and the state in regards to bitcoin and blockchain technology? Sponsored by Is this the Expedia Killer?…


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  2. The real problem is lack of education surrounding money and economics. By design, Americans have no idea how the monetary system works and what exactly the federal reserve does. One of the biggest strengths of cryptocurrency is that it forces an individual to revisit their understanding of monetary economics in order to come to terms with what makes bitcoin so special.

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  4. Ending fiat domination with competing currencies is and always has been one of Ron Paul's primary missions = Ending the private banker's fake money domination of civilization is one of the keys to unleashing human progress. WORD

  5. Peter, this is the fundamental premise of Austrian economics. Namely, money should be a good like any other, with free and competitive markets. Because markets are transacted using money, if you don’t have free market for money, you don’t really have free markets for anything!!

  6. I never saw it so to compare this topic as the separation of religion and State.
    It was the same idea: no 1 ever thought it would work or it would be accepted… but it did…

  7. WOW, Could you imagine ending the FED. Dr. Ron Paul has tried to audit the FED for several years. The powers that be don't want that to happen but we the people would be much better off without them…Thanks for all your work Peter !

  8. its hard to to call it decentralized… when every fork is sent out to make policies to benefit major players
    gaining massively on a thing was community built since the GUI WALLET

  9. The article is incorrect, pure unbacked fiat has only been around since Nixon closed the gold window in 1971. Before then, major currencies were backed by precious metals. And in the aftermath of WWII and before 1971, all reserves were backed by USD, which was in turn backed by gold at 35 dollars an ounce.

    Fun fact: Gold is still valued at 35 dollars an ounce on the Fed's balance sheet. Funny right?

    Edit: Absolutely love the idea, and the concept of separation between money and the state is pure genius!

  10. the currency from the federal government is in a private organization.'' so why couldn't bit coin be seperate…usa money is not owned by any government of it's own origin anymore…it was privatized with out the common knowing….SOOOOOOO ?

  11. Interesting, Peter you can tell you are educated with the way you speak. Good to always hear your opinion and learn some new information. Thank you and have a great day! Stay awesome!

  12. if this will happen I am wondering if there will still infrastructure projects on roads, bridges, etc. Will there still garbage collectors? I think this is going to be disaster. haha.

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