Bitcoin SELL-OFF & Then a Bounce?? | South American BTC Volume ATH!! | Tommy Robinson

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  1. The point about paypal or whoever, able to censor speech, or money transfers here, is a problem. But Tommy Robinson probably isn't a good example lol. He's not just some guy being censored. He's not just a racist. He's a highly influential public figure.

    Free speech never means absolute freedom to say anything, under any circumstances. Historically, free speech ends at incitement. Hate speech, for example, isn't necessarily incitement. Incitement is when there's a reasonable expectation that your words will influence people to commit crimes. That is not protected under the law, and justifiably in the eyes of many, many people.

    For example, me, having no online influence, posting something telling people to do something, won't fall under incitement in various countries. Tommy Robinson, on the other hand, because of his huge following, if he tells people to commit crimes (like hate speech, harassment, assault) that can easily satisfy the definition of incitement.

    Many people want this type of regulation/control, to be able to make crime more difficult, etc. Like with Iran, we've got govs using their soft power or whatever to dictate who can do what. But that's pretty traditional, that's kind of the point for a lot of people.They like the idea that drug dealers, gangs, organized crime, terrorists, rogue states, whatever, are regulated and prosecuted out of the banking, trading systems, etc.

    Now, if you understand geopolitics and see the Iran situation as clearly unfair, you would prefer a decentralized system like bitcoin, where 3rd party sanctions are impossible. Only democratic boycotts would work, where the market decides not to transact with a certain entity.

    But on the flipside, those same people might not want Tommy Robinson being able to lead large crowds of violent racists.

    It shows the pros and cons. You can't use economic warfare like in the case of Iran, but you can't enforce laws meant to curb things like incitement, like with Tommy Robinson.

    Tommy Robinson was the wrong example to use to make a case FOR the decentralization of currency, payments. lol

  2. Fuck no he shouldn't get life.. he's a guy try to make a living off things and services ppl want.. if they want it they will still get it.. let the man out

  3. The lower bitcoin falls the faster the value will go up due to shorter supply.. Let it go down further.. Sure I got rekked this year but in theory holdlers are holding up the grand stage for straggling late abopters to get in at quite a discount.. I wish I could buy a bit right now but I can't

  4. Crypto markets collapsed as the Bitcoin Cash hard fork panicked investors today. After weeks of speculation regarding the split, which is led by rival billionaires, the market finally decided that the uncertainty over Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC had reached breaking point. The Bitcoin Cash selloff began at around 09:04 UTC as volume increased dramatically.

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