1. Listen glen I heard on your other video you purchased a nano ledger from China ? I purchased mine directly from their website and it came in like 3 days by dhl mail. Be careful don’t use ledger nano unless it’s directly from their website because if you buy from eBay or wherever else . The seller might know your private keys and will steal the crypto once you put them in their it happened before to many people

  2. TenX wont be needed. Your phone is your new visa card Glen. Get involved with and learn about VERITASEUM! (VERI)

    ~ Remember blockchain gets rid of/and or replaces the need of all 3rd parties Glen. TenX is a 'unnecessary' 3rd party focused on what cell phones will provide for us in the future. Glenn look into Veritaseum. You will see the genius and financial opportunity in it. And they have an application not only submitted to the SEC but has actually been accepted by the SEC and is waiting on standby for approval.

  3. Glenn,

    Love the shows you're making, subsriber on both your channels and fan of the woodworks
    Thanks for all your nice thoughts on the markets, imo you are spot on!
    I want to talk to you about something adding to your TenX comments.

    Life token will do almost exactly what TenX is doing.
     There Android and IOS wallet have been released and are working as pure as can be with fingerprint and 12words wallet key, superfast Life wallet to Life wallet transactions in seconds (By a swipe of the hand, really!).
    Have a look at there app yourself bro, in the appstore or google store"look up Life crypto for everybody//..

    On the roadmap for november this year is the MERCHANT APP!
    the token is for sale For 1 SAT (WTF) and has a great, strong community and a very proffessional team who are bringing crypto to the masses, feel free to visit them on telegram, facebook!
    They allready have made sponsorships with a pro golfer and English football teams!
    Last they were seen on TV with the football matches, here in europe.(The Nations League: Around the stadions we saw Life token banner!)

    The tokens main core is : CRYPTO FOR EVERYBODY and as a charity token by sponsoring to good causes around the world.
    You canget them on Coinexchange or Hitbtc, 1sat if you are patient…

    They will release there DEBIT CARD in January!
    There last all time high was 69SAT on coinmarketcap. now with a working project on the next bull they will kick ass 4 sure!
    Lifelabs CMO is David Pugh jones… former Global Creative Strategy Director of … Microsoft! https://uk.linkedin.com/in/davidpughjones

    Check it out bro, it will cost you a minute but it can change your life~!
    https://www.coinexchange.io/market/LIFE/BTC (withdrawl fee: 1Life or..1sat… for now…)

    Ps: The team have told the community that in november they will have Life on a bigger exchange.

    Kind regards, have a great one!

  4. And if you do decide to buy in to that "Visa coin" … please let us know where to buy it and how to store it (if that's not giving financial advice). CB has cut me off until I jump through some more hoops. But since I have removed ALL but miniscule amounts (left for fees) of cryptos from their exchange … WHO CARES! Thank you, Glen, for doing the work that we don't know how to do or don't have the time to do. You're the best! (And have a wonderful Monday 🙂

  5. The tenX team is solid and they have a great community. The question is will tptb let them use the current system that Visa runs on (swift) at competitive price. And what about when Ripple replaces swift? The sat price of 10X is at atb right now.

  6. Do you feel that 500 ounces of silver is enough as a hedge and an insurance policy? I am into silver but I don't consider it an investment. There are no dividends, only storage fees no returns. It is a SHTF hedge period. I think it will always have a use case in society but frankly I don't see it being used as money. We're not going to be carrying little pouches on our pants like the romans. I am capping my silver at 500 ounces and diversifying into other things such as cryptos, weapons, lead, food/water, gear, etc. Thanks for your videos.

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