1. May 17th, June 30th, July 19th…I don't think there is a point to throw around any dates…nothing will change, until it does.
    Personally (and I said it before), I think it is possible that the only thing we will see in 2018, is the market making fluctuations in the 200 Billion range (going up to about 400-450 Billion and back down to 200-250). So I am seriously beginning to think that swing trading those waves is the way to go until there is a clear break out upwards from the 500 Billion range.

  2. Most of Glenn Beck's audience is Boomers. I don't know if Boomers will be good for crypto. Hopefully they won't understand anything Teeka says and they'll stick to their 401k's and inflated property values.

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  4. Triffic! Credible Crypto thinks we're on the last bit of a downtrend before the market moves up. He does short-term TA and has a YouTube channel. Worth a look?

  5. You just promoted your biggest competitor without getting any respect or money for it. In Russia we call this burning the chair that you are sitting on!

  6. July 19th. I hope you are right. I keep hearing dates that come and go. I's so much easier to make money in a bull market for me. I can't wait but I guess I will have to. Thanks for the video.

  7. These idiots like teeka make their money by lying to people and shorting positions off peoples emotions. Every prediction has been dead wrong. Pure garbage. He has no idea what he’s talking about, pumping cryptos left and right when he and everyone else knows the inevitable fall of all cryptos is near and everyone will get wiped out off teeka and all these other mofos “technical analysis” and “recommendations”.

  8. Will never happen. The inevitable collapse of the entire crypto market is upon us. All this hope is bs being spewed by fools to take your money. Manipulation reigns supreme for the setup of a major collapse. Be warned

  9. How could the 1% only be millionaires? Obviously they’re at least billionaires/trillionaires. The fact that a millionaire is considered wealthy is a joke meant to keep the 1% wealth in their pocket. Tax the 1% 40% yearly and categorize the millionaires in the middle class for taxes. Got off topic there but I’m not sure how you could think the 1% would be only millionaires. Thanks for the video.

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