Bitcoin Recovers – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 8/9/18

Bitcoin Recovers – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News 8/9/18 – A small recovery for Bitcoin and cryptos. Where is Bitcoin …


  1. Great video… it also just occurred to me too that institutional investors will be scooping BTC up NOW when the prices are dropping … people need to think when they are SELLING BTC on an exchange… WHO DO THEY THINK IS BUYING IT on the OTHER side of the trade? Negative news = Selling = Cheap BTC/crypto for Institutions (AS THEY CAN'T PRINT IT). They could then easily package this into their ETFs and sell this to the people who want invest with them but at THAT current TIME of BTC price point in the future = BUY NOW BTC when its 6k$ cheap and sell it to Investors when the ETF goes online when the price is possibly 20K$ …. THUS making the ETF creators an INSTANT profit of 14k$ WITHOUT EVEN having to SELLL the BTC … = WIN WIN WIN form the institutional ETF creators!!!!!

  2. George, It's very comforting to hear you say that you are in for the long haul and that you will continue making videos,,, I'm in for the long haul also.. Thank you so much for everything.

  3. If investing/trading were easy everybody would do it and be successful. It takes remaking your personality, looking at yourself in the mirror, fixing your issues. Most people will fail and find someone else to blame, like a you tube influencer. Keep blocking those people, George, and keep up helping all us good people. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, experience, and good judgement.

  4. Market recovery is bs, it is 2 step down 1 step up, 3 steps down 1 step up until all alt coin is zero. All alt coin will eventual goes to 'zero', there will be new coin to be pump & dump. Look at NEO pump than dump, than ONT pump than dump. The only true coin is Bitcoin, maybe Litecoin but all coins is a derivative of ponzi scheme.

    If we listen to CrytosRUs, when is a bad time to buy? It is always good time to buy even when CMC is 420,000,000,000. The more you do what CryptosRUS said, the faster you go broke. I like to listen to him due to positive altitude but crypto is scam, many bad actor in this space.

  5. Stay George! But you have te brng the negatives to…and you cant make everything positive….😉 But you have good video's!! Overall ï see it positive ro…👍

  6. The fear in the market is rediculous..we all expected the decision to be delayed. I'm with you I think it's a good thing, sure could have been worse if it was rejected….what would the reaction be then. Praying that doesn't happen. Oh well, in the meantime accumulated more BTC at 6300. Sadly my ALTS are not in a happy place, but the time to DCA is not now…..when BTC starts to move up again I'm hoping for some positive ALT news.

    Still hangin in there….Thanks for your time as always George….

  7. Said it before BTC is a new asset division, it will get an ETF in time, just nibble every time it drops, simple! And hold the alts you believe in the infrastructure is moving forward! And if its to stressful just leave it all locked up and get on with your life, we are super early here let the market do the heavy lifting!

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