Bitcoin Q&A: What is the roadmap?

What critical infrastructure is being worked on? A multitude of exchanges (preferably decentralised), secure wallets with intuitive user interfaces and the latest features (SegWit, RBF, CPFP),…


  1. Thanks for your Q&A's I hope you are able to read this one. I'm a believer in Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency. I'm new to the space, but one aspect that has me wondering (maybe worrying) is why, after all these years, there is a lack of of any major players/contributors. What I mean is, Google, Apple, Amazon, Intel, Tesla, SpaceX, Nvida, Facebook are almost silent (or even anti-crypto) on Crypto. These same companies spend BILLIONS in R&D trying to stay ahead of the competition to be the first- Global Internet Service, Self Driving Cars, AI, Quantum Computers. Why they have not entered the Crypto-space is worrisome. I understand why banks are slow to act, they are in the horse & buggy business. But when a search engine company (Google) has a billion dollar sand box and are trying to do every new tech there is, why the silence on Crypto? Your thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

  2. write down what I googled about the major upgrades here. 1. BIP 98: Fast Merkel Tree 2. BIP 114: MAST( Merkelized Abstract Syntax Tree) 3. BIP 8: Version bits with lock-in by height

  3. Awesome content but audio has a lot of room for improvement.
    I go to this channel for definitive information. Only if better room acoustic (foams to minimize echo chamber effect) and even a Blue Yeti mic is used with some minimal effort to audio edit, this will make videos 20x better / more bearable. Thumbs up if you agree. 👍

  4. …for a second I thought I was listening to a Ripple Q&A…then I heard the plan to increase the block size…then I got confused…but it just confirmed I was on a Bitcoin Q&A…phew !
    Thanks Andreas 🙂

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