Bitcoin Private Community Update #5 (*Please see update in description)

Just my thoughts on Bitcoin Private Community Update #5 as well as the Coin Market Cap correction that caused a nice spike in the value. *Update: I suspected …


  1. Hey Goose can you go over again how to get an older Zclassic wallet funds into the New full node wallet, my older wallet will not connect , thanks in advance

  2. Goose another easy to understand video, you should be a teacher lol. I think a great idea for a new video is to show how to add new coins to Awesome Miner which are not listed in any of the available settings and also can you tweak GPU settings within Awesome Miner for example if your rig runs to fast and causes the temp to go to high on a certain coin due to the algorithm been different, your knowledge of AM is truely amazing.

  3. All I know is it took forever to mine a full Bitcoin Private coin. Was not at all profitable to mine in my opinion. At least it wasn't for my RX 580s. Maybe 1080 would do better.

  4. I still haven't been able to claim my BTCP in respect of BTC I was holding in my wallet at the snapshot. Has anyone done this successfully? (And yes, it was the CMC listing that caused the spike, nothing more sinister)

  5. This is totally unrelated to this video but I thought maybe you could help. My mining rig froze on me last night and now when I try to open my RVN wallet is says "a problem has caused this program to stop working correctly" I tried re-downloading the wallet and same error happens. Is my wallet and ravencoins lost forever? Anyway I been trying all day and cant seem to figure it out….. Help me get my wallet to work and ill send you half my ravincoins!:)

  6. I don't think that BTCP was pumped and dumped. I think because CMC finally posted up the market cap, it showed up on the front page and in the sight lines of investors. It had a little sell-off but has since maintained this initial jump in the price. BTCP is hugely undervalued at the moment. It's definitely a coin I'm busy accumulating!

  7. In terms of the big price spike, it seems the market cap reporting working properly and the big increase in price occurred at the same time. Which in turn bumped the coin up to 32-35ish in coin market cap compared to being ranked below 1000 before the market cap was reporting properly. However your perspective on the pump and dump is interesting, and is an issue even if it might not have occurred on this specific occasion.

  8. What actually happened is that CMC added the circulating supply to Bitcoin Private which gave it a position of 47th place in the rankings, compared to a sub 1000 ranking when its circulating supply info was not yet available. This high ranking got it noticed by a much wider audience which caused the price to double and the ranking to riser to 30th place. This rise put it in 2nd place in the day's top risers which got it noticed even more taking the price up a little further.

    If it had been a pump and dump the price would have fallen back down to the previous level, but instead it only correct 50% and has since risen back up again. So it was an organic rally not a pump and dump based on increase exposure and notoriety. Very amateurish and uniformed reporting on your part. Let's hope you'll have the integrity to correct this misinformation for your viewers.

  9. on friday CMC updated data on Market Cap, Volume, Circulation Supply & Max Supply for BTCP, before it showes the whole time " ? $ " . As result of showing the real data, BTCP has rised at place 30~32 on Top Ten and ppl recognized this coin and buy (of course price again goes down a bit after this). Thats the whole magic behind it. There was no pump and dump!

  10. Dude, are u serious? That was the day Coin Market cap finally listed & ranked the market cap/ circulating supply for BTCP. Thats why the price went up! U calling it a "pump n dump" doesnt help the coin! The price didnt even drop back that much!

  11. BitcoinZ – fair launch , no pre mine , no fork , no airdrop , GPU mineable , Google play Android app , the real BTC 2.0 , look into it .

  12. Got a heap of that baby.For now focused on DASC,hits the exchange in 2 weeks ,gonna be epic. love life ,love the blockchain .Good evening from west IRELAND.

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