“BITCOIN Prices WILL RECOVER SOON, Stronger Than You Think” – This GENIUS BTC Opinion Must Be Heard

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  2. "Remember when" their was " no " plastic bottles …"no" plastic pants ,…"no "plastic cars ,…"no "plastic people,… "no" plastic coin,..? Have you ever heard grandpa say" don't take no "wooden nickel's" ?…or plastic ones !

  3. My opinion we won’t break 6k. Creating a higher low at 6.2k.. then not quite a higher high yet so probably find a small uptrend to 7k.. back down to 6.5k (continuation of what we have been doing, wedging) because like you said, I honestly believe the bulls are stronger than we think. Just look at what the bulls accomplished the past 4 years.. Then, finally create a new higher high to continue the long term bull run we are currently in.

    Look at bitcoins entire history on the log chart. We still got some waves to go before a REAL correction happens.

    Long term, we will hit 100-200k before we see a multiple year down trend. But again, log chart tells me a “down trend” is just is just anflattening out or consolidation time. Doubling your bitcoin has never been easier than right now.
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