“Bitcoin Price Will Go BULLISH in 2018” – Major Investment Bank Predicts MASSIVE Price Recovery

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  1. The mighty BITCOIN will peak around 250.000 USSA currency , within the next 4 years or so , I would encourage everyone to get on board this train it is the chance of a life time to gain financial freedom from the blood sucking leeches ie banksters / gangsters . FIAT currency has been used for centuries to fuel war and crime . It's time for a change it's time for the MIGHTY BITCOIN to reign supreme .

    Think of BITCOIN as the new GOLD , digital GOLD , eventually there will be a one world currency this will take time but will happen . The BEHEMOTH USSA fiat currency is printed endlessly , devalued daily with future obligations debt is around a quarter quadrillion who the HELL is going to pay for this , I will tell you NO ONE the rest of the world is no better off .
    BITCOIN has the potential to all but eliminate poverty / crime in the world and for that reason I FULLY support it ………….GO……BITCOIN………GO .

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