1. Stabilized?? We're still in this downtrend. Watch 1d-chart. We can easy go back to 1k where BTC was early 2017. It always went back heavily after ATH's.
    At this point it would take bn's of $$$ to blow up. It's more likely that BTC deeps wayyyy deeper and restarts from there.

  2. Sir. If I may suggest, please revert back to informative and substantial content. I have been following you since the start and I must say that, recently the content that you uploaded have been repeatitive and rather unsubstanstial. Or i felt that the content u uploaded have been treating your subscribers like a kids. It sounds more like a software generated spinning content. Just for you to earn revenue from the Google Youtine Adsense! advertisement.

  3. BtC will be dead at end of the year… People has lost confidence on BTC. same as investors-
    There are way much more better projects to invest in…. BTC is like my commodore compare to my ps4 technically speaking.
    Has no intrinsic value, just people faith, and now he doesn´t have even that.
    End of this year/next one will begin to see the declining of BTC.

  4. I don't think it will blow up. The reason why it blew up in December was due to influx of public interest at the time. That is a one time thing and it won't happen anytime soon. What we can expect though is a steady up trend over the next year or so.

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