Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis July 13 2018

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  1. The monthly chart is very ugly. Look, 78.6% retrace is around 4300. But price has broken out of that large triangle pattern and has a technical target of 1500.
    There is support around 5800 but below that the next significant support level is 2975. If 2975 is hit then this kind of ruins any fib retrace and all bets are off. This is why I think the large breakout pattern will play out and 1500 will be achieved.
    I suspect it may just capitulate lower than that but I would have to evaluate before shorting it more than 1500. I know people don't want to hear this but you have to take emotion out of it.
    For the purposes of transparency, I have been short for a while. I have a trailing stop currently around 8k as this price would then invalidate my theory as it would have broken above the previous break.
    Best wishes.

  2. Bitcoin analysis, Bitcoin is moving sideways and down.
    You don't need fucking chart farts to tell us that. Have you ever considered cleaning washroom's for a living?

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  4. Hi yesterday I saw someone talking about the exchanges defending the 6k mark. How likely is it in your opinion? Can the exchanges hold the 6k? Do they have the power for this?

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