Bitcoin Price Predictions of the Year by John McAfee, Tony Vays and Erik Voorhees

Where is Bitcoin headed next – Will we see $3000 Bitcoin soon? Bitcoin’s greatest Debate of 2018 webbot clif high John McAfee Doug Casey Charlie lee …


  1. Peter's going to get tired of pushing that giant BTC chip he has up hill. As BTC grows and society adapts it, it's going to become harder and heavier to push, than it's going to roll right over him.

  2. Bitcoin cash can be used as an uncensorable social media platform sending tiny fractions of bitcoins. Also intellectual property rights. It's a decentralized immutable ledger… even 0.00000001 bch has a lot of potential value and grows as adoption grows. Much more value than gold has

  3. The most MASSIVE bubble in history is the US dollar. Makes tulips and Bitcoin look microscopic in comparison. I actually hope it doesn't burst as a lot of people will get badly hurt and it could undermine the fabric of society, but this problem needs to be recognized and addressed before it's too late.

  4. The best argument against both Bitcoin and gold: They are deflationary, meaning they stifle growth because people would rather hang onto them since they are perpetually increasing in value as a function of their scarcity. Fiat currency, on the other hand, is inflationary, meaning if you don't spend it now, then down the line it's going to get less worth. That is good since it keeps people actively producing and making new things, while Bitcoin and gold may well be the single most important reason why we have had so many thousands of years of stagnation without great scientific leaps being made, despite the knowledge and science being there.

  5. Fiat: Lat. Let it be done. Fiat Currency: Currency by decree. Valeo: To be strong, to be worth. Bitcoin is something that is valued. It is strong, in the sense that people want it. It is, however, not a currency by decree. Instead Bitcoin is valuta.

  6. 24:40 Nope. Good luck hiding gold from a metal detector. Bitcoin, on the other hand, can be printed on paper. It can be accessed by VPN through a Thor node. There are many more ways of securely hiding Bitcoin than gold. In that sense, Bitcoin is unconfiscatable. Gold, on the other hand. Well, let's just say the Jews who managed to escape Nazi Germany with their gold were the lucky ones. In fact dentists at concentration camps bragged about earning the Nazi empire with well over 150 million a year in today's money just in gold fillings from the teeth of corpses…

  7. what this geek doesnt understand is that the lightning network is centralised FULL STOP

    BTC is NOT decentralised and currently 97% of BTC is owned by 2% of BTC adresses a proved by a blockchain audit.

    BTC is going down to 3000 and will NEVER be stable enough to be used as currency.

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  9. He missed the most important aspect of the arguement. And thats the projected use cases for blockchain technology that are being developed and the real rising demand for this technology by industry institutions.

  10. Funny is that this people who are speaking about disadvantages of BTC as money for daily use does not know nothing about other Blockchain projects which are much more advanced for transactions than BTC itself.

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