Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2018: Part 2

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  1. Fantastic …people says when google searches peaks bitcoin rises, it is not true, when the bitcoin price rises, then FOMO sets in and google search peaks…the next biggest trigger for bticoin price will be approval of ETF in US…this is exact point of massive trigger happens that will take the bitcoin above the high of year 2017 ….if the ETF gets approved in 2018, then surely….otheriwse it will range bound betweeen 10,000 and 15,000 in year 2018

  2. So many people expecting it to go higher. It will never see $7000 again. It's going to sub $5k. A 90% correction is in the cards as the largest bubble in history has popped. No one will reinflate the largest ponzi in history.

  3. As much as I would love it, It's hard to take serious a $100k prediction. I think we will remain in the 8-12k range for the next several months before breaking into the 12-18 range towards the end of 2018.

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  5. Price prediction is hard/impossible (everyone has their own view) so I am instead going on your advice from earlier video and trying to find undervalued projects that have had major drops in price for no other reason than it is a bear market. I think I have found a couple of those like DeepOnion, Enigma and BitCLave. I know you mentioned DeepOnion in a video about Encryption and Tor and with a 90-95% discount from ATH I think this one has a lot of gain potential. The project is staying very active with new wallet and feature releases so I think it is just waiting to turn around. Would love an in-depth video analysis on DeepOnion from you on what you think of it as an invesment opportunity right now?

  6. Hey, I really like your videos. Do you have a personal prediction how far we will go with Bitcoin in 2018, or just following the predictions of others? Of course no advise or so. I have a feeling we will have to wait until early summer for a raise now again.
    How about other coins like privacy stuff (Monero, Dash, Verge, DeepOnion)? Any thoughts on this?

  7. Now that wall street is involved, and TPTB see that crypto currencies are here to stay, values will not escalate appreciably until the money people are firmly entrenched and government has as much control as they can possibly have…the bad news is very few will get rich overnight….the good news is crypto's will remain relatively affordable for the near future.

  8. Personally, I think the price is going to be flat this year in the $6,000-$10,000 range. I think there's a hard floor around $5,000 because of the cost to mine a coin with 16nm chips is about $3,000 assuming $0.075 kWh price for power. I also think its unlikely that a small ASIC chip is developed this year. People are cautious of the price drop and it will take a while to heal from that. This is going to look like a repeat of the 2013-2015 situation, but I don't think it will last as long.

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