Bitcoin PRICE Prediction! Technical Analysis

Visit our website: In this video, Mark takes a look at the current price action with Bitcoin from a technical standpoint on the charts to come up …


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  2. There is no good news other than the old news from the SEC. And that stands that all tokens are securities, period. I see a crypto market crash coming in July after the G20 FATF meeting

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  4. I think the only strategy at this point in time is to stay on the sidelines until a significant dip, buy said coin, then have some serious patience, but definitely take your profits when you can. Too many variables in the crypto equation right now for TA to be the best tool atm. Am I close to the mark? Agree, disagree?

  5. So basically this is the weather channel, and the crypto whales are the random storms, and the global warming are the people who have yet to join the crypto sphere, got it.

  6. Thanks for the video. Bitcoin is has really been struggling on and off. Also, what are your thoughts on privacy coins like Monero, Zcash, DeepOnion etc? Will they potentially be the dominant force of the market in the future?

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