Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018

This is my Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2018. I was right on the money for this year. I predicted $2500 and Bitcoin is currently sitting at $2600. Will I be right this time again? I like to…


  1. bitcoin price will grow from
    usd 10,000 to usd 50,000
    end 2018
    but this only 5 X
    small profit becouse you need more capital
    more quantity token for BIG proffit

    smart trader
    not only look bitcoin price grow up

    smart trader
    indentify top one digital money give BIG profit
    small capital
    shourt time.. …….all factor belong to Erthereum.

    no 1 BIG proffit year 2017
    is Erthereum 53 X
    jan 2017 USD 8
    1/12'2017 usd 400

    small capital
    BiG proffit
    shourt time

    buy more Erthereum today
    usd 400 just begining.

  2. how to right predict for year 2018

    1. Gorverment regulation
    2 .popularity
    3 market capital grow
    4 security.
    5 blockchain tecnology behid. each digital money
    6 transaction confimation time
    7 last year grow analisis

  3. top 3 BiG proffit year 2017

    No 1 Erthereum profit 53 X
    No 2 Ripple 14 X
    No 3 Bitcoin 5 X

    top proffit end year 2018

    No 1 Erthereum proffit 26 X
    No 2 Rippple 7 X
    No 3 Bitcoin 5 X

    this is previous analisis
    year 2017
    from 1/1/2017 to today

    this year 2017 market capital up from 20 B to 310 B
    mean market capital grow 15 X from 20 B jan 2017.

    if the market capital grow same like year 2017. 15 X
    mean year 2018
    market capital rise up from
    0.31 trillion to 4.6 Trilion
    end year 2018.

    year of 2018 we will se this ROKET BUBLE digital money.

    total all waord money is 84 trillion.
    end 2018 expected market capital fiat money grow to
    5 Trillion to 10 Triliion

    do you thing t
    today bitcoin price is high????

    do you thing Erthereum price
    Not grow past?

    end 2018 all this qeustion will be answer.

    bitcoin usd 10,000 just beginning

    Erthereum grow price is more high. last year grow more 53 X . just 1 year. ( from usd 8 to usd 400 )
    this is most important fact you shourt know.

    bitcoin need 3 year grow from usd 8 to usd 400
    Erthereum make it ONLY 1 YEAR

    buy more quantity token Erthereum

    you will win a jack pot

    bet your life today.

    that why
    january 2017 im convert my 1000 BTC to 125,000 Erthereum.

    im the right ways. good luck
    target long term investment.

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