Bitcoin Price Predicted to 2021

Today I take a walk through my price predictions for Bitcoin – not just through 2018, but extending all the way through to 2021. I also give my predictions on the cryptocurrency space as…


  1. It's going down. Bitcoin has already crashed. You're gonna lose everything. There's about a dozen things wrong with this phony currency. Vector analysis is bullshit. Bitcoin is just a phony version of US dollars and when people realize this it's gonna crash. You're investing in a bubble and you can't win. Everything about the price is about manipulators, propaganda and suckers.

  2. That gorgeous blue, chemtrail-free Alberta sky may mirror the flash of clarity you had to make such predictions, which in the end, may come true to a large extent. We shall see. In the meantime, buy and hold bitcoin.

  3. I really like you. Great vids, good energy. I've learned a lot in the last year and a half from you. I feel the same. Nothing for a while. More down and sideways, then in a few years, kaboom

  4. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. I think the development on all areas of crypto will be rising exponentially and when real use cases are out in the world the price will quickly follow.

  5. Just because in 2014 we had a major recession , it doesn't mean this time it's gonna be the same. Cryptos have a way bigger audience now eventhough it's still very little . Bitcoin will always surprise us , to the upside for the most part.

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