1. They say past performance is no indicator of future returns, but this is such a new and fast growing tech/investment space that I think with bitcoin some past perspective is very important. The more I look at how things went down when I was ignoring bitcoin the more I see that those who can't see how well it could turn out for long term HODL'ers in the next 10 yrs are blind. It's too late for me to snatch up 1000's of bitcoins but it almost certainly isnt 'late' in the big picture, with a long term view.

  2. Watch carefully around end of 2013 to May 2014. Price action is the same as Dec 2017 to May 2018. From 1000 to 250, same descending triangle psychology. But, hopefully we won't go down the same path that continued to follow in 2014. Oh well, even if we do, we'll recover and go parabolic again in July 2019 🙂 Ain't nothing but a scratch, just hang tight.

  3. Dear viewer. Please slow mo 2013 to end of 2015. Is your portfolio ready for 2 years like that? Notice the number of bull traps that failed. See the last big FU move August 2015? Hodlers deserve every penny they earned in 2017. Would it be easier to hold during a stretch like 2014-2015 if the alt coins you hold provide monthly income? Are you ready for more bullish? Are you ready for prolong bear?

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