1. Been watching your video for more than 6months,like your videos.1st time commeting.Keep up the good work,ignore the mean comment or dont take it too serious. Crypto and Rocknite is the future

  2. Been following for a long time now…but how any individual novice (like all of us with no real "insider information") would want to trade, day trade, short and whatnot shit is beyond me.
    I am invested in 10 cryptocurrencies for a long time. Massively so. Been hodling for over a year now without doing anything with my portfolio and am very confident on it. Even if the prices would collapse to 3k/BTC, I still would not change anything at all.

    But guys…..stop trading cryptos. Just pure madness. Yeah, 5% of your portfolio is not much, but it is going to add up. And why bother? I feel Sunny will lose a lot of his crypto worth.

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  4. Sunny babe, trading your strategy isn't it's finest, where you went long, you should have put a short in, everyone knew there was strong support at 6.8k and what you should do is set an order for a long at 7.2k (meaning it bounced off that 6.8k support and is heading up again) and/or put a short posiition in at 6770 (meaning it broke support and will keep going down

    This is my strat because it covers both avenues… Currently sitting at around 65% profits on 10x leverage

    don't just be a permabull sunny!

  5. This happened because every idiot on the block including you, talked about the ETF being the biggest news for crypto in years, even though it was IMMINENT for the SEC to use the 3 appeals of delay in this process as they do for all speculative markets.

  6. My personal belief is crypto is over valued today and people are artificially keeping the price higher than it should be. Think about it last year crypto went to crazy highs on mostly hype and fomo. Yet prices never fell back down to where they were before. bitcoin is still x2 where it was last year without any more real world use than it had before. I think we have to at least touch last year prices for any chance at real recovery.

  7. I dont know how closely anyone is watching their LVL2's but let me tell you something if you think you are competeing with another human being on either the buy or sell side of a trade, chances are likely that you are not. The bots are crushing it right now through millions of micro gains. They are not tied to any coin and they do not understand fear or greed. If you do not understand level 2 analysis and you want to survive in this market you better learn level 2 like yesterday. The bots dont care about your opinions or how much you lost. Its only objectives are to win on both the up and down side. If you can become familiar or better with level 2 all you need to REALLY understand the situation at play here is watch level 2 charts for a few hours. it is terribly obvious what is happening. Im not suggesting not to trade or be afraid of this market. What I am saying is that this is an extremely high stakes game with real capital on the line. If you want to make money or preserve money and you do not understand level 2… brothers and sisters… you are fck'ed. if you only rely on chart analysis (which, yes you need to understand) but dont understand DOM/LVL 2, im telling you, you are going to get annihilated. Doesnt matter what coin or asset it is.

    Good luck!

  8. Hi Sunny Decree, you're trading logic seems to be straightforward. If this goes down, i'll add more.. (to simplify). Here is my question, if you were to write a trading algorithm for automated trading, what would the logic look like? Anything in mind?

  9. Scalable position are a good strategy, but as allesio rastani said: it is better to have the wrong idea and better timing than the right idea and bad timing, you don't want to catch a falling knife, you will lose a finger

  10. Dude… you are doing EXACTLY what you SHOULDN'T be doing:
    1- Trying to pick bottoms/ Catching a falling knife.
    2- Adding to a loosing position.
    3- Changing your strategy how ever you see fit and rationalizing it later, improvising instead of following a plan.
    4- With Leverage!!

    Kiss your Bitcoins good bye, you may as well go bet them on roulette, you went from an "Investor" to a "Trader"… and, sorry to say, you have no clue what your doing.

  11. Sunny sorry wrong strategie.
    When je find the bottom and its under the 5858 your fisrt posision is Lq.than we say as traders And is gone.
    So your strategie is not work.

  12. The markets are being controlled. The legacy fiat power house system has secretly invested massively and are trying to destroy crypto, while in turn making huge gains from these pump and dumps. When they have got their fill they might just spit it out or maybe they will just continue to control it. May advise is to hold tight and do not let them shake you from the tree. Invest in times like this and take some profit during the pumps. Do not be greedy and think 5 years down the road not 5 day, this is longer term people.

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    And paykeyy is not small company they are doing real work. They have own paykeyy shopping malls in america
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  14. Never try to catch falling knife or you will hurt yourself, wait for price cofirmation, my strategy wait to see if we can hold 6500, if so go long, if not wait if we can hold 5800-6000k if so go long otherwise if we break 6k this could mean we drop to 5-4k = nice short opportunity. Not financial advice, jut my tactic

  15. It's a nice strategy to increase your long position. However, keep in mind the hefty fees on BitMEX. If you keep your position open for a long time, you will get rekt with fees, they're pretty huge…

  16. RIP Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market today.. Cos the price of btc has fallen below 6800 $, I thinl 99 percent of people will lose big this year of their portofolio. We will definitely see 3k btc soon

  17. I love how all these people who have no crypto are so emotionally invested in crypto failing. Long term, crypto holders will become winners. Keep talking shit while crypto is in a bearmarket. Lets talk again in a few months.

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