1. Understood the principle of market cycles and this makes sense but 2 points to : the bad one is the rule that the past performance is not indication of future performances, and the good one is that BTC and cryptos in general are way better perceived by all than what it was back then and there is a super growth trend that we could only dream about back in 2015 or even 2017.
    Bottom line : we are still at the beginning. The crypto corporate solutions are yet to come, ETF is yet to be adopted , the banks are yet to include ETFs on theirs selling portfolios . More and more State endorsements and even the banks start to talk positive. We are still to experience the next financial market crash and how it plays on on cryptos, or even worse, maybe dumping on the euros or usd. Very young market to die now, plenty of opportunities ahead in my perso view.

  2. In my mind, last year Bitcoin was nearing 20k, if the thought of 30k Bitcoin is real one day, then Genesis should leave well enough alone. Rebuying sha256 contracts, and losing what you already paid for makes no sense. It's a purchase not an upgrade.

  3. I applaud you Sunny 👏, Great job showing these crypto youngins the way the market has always moved. I've been in cryptos since the BTC spike to 1100$ back down to 150$, Ppl really said it was dead back then, Boy they where wrong lol. Keep up the great work, Cheers!

  4. Great points made to bring some perspective. Also interesting is to notice how long it stayed in a sideways price range. During that time a trader could make a good living buying the lots and selling the highs of that range. Also how long did it take before making a clear break out of that range. What had it done between the lowest edge of the range and the successful bull breakout. Was there a big bar or sharp reversal that indicated the market was really ready after so many cycles of being in a range. Were there maybe three consecutive bull bars for the first time (which is a taller than normal bar on a higher time frame and would invite a larger crowd of bulls). Where did the higher lots first star to appear relative to prior bull bars. All the information is right there on the chart.

  5. Based on previous history … it seems to me that 70% drop in bitconi price is just about right… and it is really now ripe for a BULL RUN… From 2013 to 2014, the drop was only about 75% and there was no good news at all… While the last half of 2018 is all about incoming good news.

  6. Yeah Ok but … You forgot to mention that 2014 had a black swan event with the mtgox hack and 140k btc stolen. We won't approach those lows, we are either at the bottom or will bottom out at 5.4k

  7. I'm still trying to figure out why an entity/some one deposited 16,000 BTC on the exchange rather than selling it on the OTC.

    What would be their strategy for this move????? DOES ANY ONE HAVE ANY GUESS as to what we're in for? ……..

    Maybe a BTC Whale just wanted to pick up some alt coins (ETH) on the cheap???

    I'm a pessimist – so my guess is that this BTC has been brought in to keep the price down or even drop it significantly. The liquidity on either side (Buy/Sell) becomes pretty thin pretty quickly. It would be easy once you break through the crowd to take the BTC price skyrocketing either direction. Maybe they thought they could capture a nice profit from the outcome of the squeeze of the unusually high volume of Shorts & those forced to become Buyers????

  8. Use the BLX-chart on tradingview and you'll get data from july 2010 to today. In addition…it's questionable to only look at the price-drop of Bitcoin without consider the entire cryptocurrency market. The drop from ATH during the bear market in 2014-2015 was at approx 80% for the entire market. In comparison, the present crash or bear market has fallen by 77% (from 830B to 190B).

  9. Good analysis, thx for the video! It reminds me of a video by a YouTuber called Jay Crypto 6 months ago. He did a similar video, comparing shapes of the ATHs and following corrections from 2011 until 2018.

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