Bitcoin Price 2019 🚨 BULLISH SCENARIO

Yesterday we discussed how 2019 could be a boring year without any major developments in regards to the Bitcoin price and crypto markets in general.


  1. 4:50 … "…collapse of the traditional economy…" means EVERYONE runs for the only real money, and that is gold and silver.
    You people are gold fish… ignorant, no memory, no wisdom of what you are talking about and even why you are talking about it.
    I do not pity to stupidest forms of humanity, you neophytes that have seen no hardship, you plebs that have been supported by your parents and governments, you nothings that are looking for instant riches without earning a single thing.

  2. Ivan pls bring your channel back to your original niche… discussions of bulls and bears is covered by everyone.

    make your stuff tech related again and super educational.. that is your thing.. fk the price of btc!

  3. CSW is in the attention game … giving voice to his BS is 100% the wrong thing to do. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. It's not virtuous or even-minded, it contributes to the confusion and mayhem in this space …

  4. Suddenly Bitcoin is becoming like gold. But hedge fund paper Bitcoin is coming more and more. I think the best bet is ethereum upgrades sharing, plasma and caspar. And lightning network for Bitcoin. If problems aren't fixed, crypto will never make it.

  5. Unfortunately Fidelity, Nasdaq, Goldman Sachs, and the almost endless line of millionaires and billionaires dont expect to wait another year. Having said that, I'm not against having a 1 year sale before the new financial system starts . I do not see the U.S. Government waiting that long allowing citizens to become aware of how to become wealthy. Through the grape vein I hear a global debt reset is coming and XRP is will be adopted by the United states and IMF.

  6. Hey Ivan. Your video about stablecoins was very interresting. One of the most promising usescases on blockchain in my opinion. There is as well another interresting topic. Predicition markets. I dont know if you already did but you could consider to cover that. Great that you are still broadcasting your good content even in hard times. That gives faith and confidence. Thank you Ivan!

  7. 'This next crash may be stock,real estate, bonds . Such a crash may spiral out of control in Europe , Latin America . Infrastructure of crypto may not be sufficiently prepared to handle chaos. it will be game over .. anarchy and mayhem

  8. BTC is useless. it has been 10 years and it isn’t usable as cash. Look at other tech bubbles. While enthusiasm is usually high at the beginning, it is because of expectation of huge growth. BTC has negative merchant adoption and lightening shows a lack of understanding of how miner incentives work. This is what happens when the devs who are working on it didn’t create it and don’t understand it. Eos and eth are scams. Y’all are rekt.

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