Bitcoin price 2018, hashflare, coin telegraph, new icos

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  1. Don’t believe John…. He’s a tool and he’s getting payed to promote Crypto Coins…. Conversations of him saying and doing it have been published… Also keep in mind that BitCoin has 2 big problems… 
    1. The fees are becoming insanely high to transfer funds from one to another…
    2. The network is packed and it takes a long time to receive the funds in the wallet you sent it to…

  2. litecoin has became constant from some time is it right time to invest in that..
    litecoin:ltc: LUhWog41Hg5j3eNr9PajJ20S5mMaDyZePs

  3. What UUUUUUP BRUCE! Cryptopolis here, and I am Bitglen subscriber #445! started exploring Cryptocurrency about the same time as you!

    You're vids have been very helpful. You have great sound quality on the vids. Lots of the vids I have tried to watch have terrible sound. I've spent a lot of time working in media production and sound is my pet peeve.

    I've decided not to use the auto-re-invest option on hashflare.
    I decided to do this because it occurred to me that if it auto purchases I have no way of knowing what the bitcoin value will be at the time. I want to watch the GDAX to see bitcoin value against the fiat USD go up and then reinvest manually, which gets me more hash power for the bitcoin I'm generating with my current Hash power.

    What do you think about that? am I wrong?

    Happy Holidays, Bruce!

  4. have a question about portfolio management. Can you give some advice on what program you use to track your cryptocurrency investments? Are you simply using a excel sheet and updating it regularly or do you work on an exchange? Also as you invest in a few altcoins what is your recommendation on storing the altcoins safely do you simply leave them on the exchanges or do you keep them in individual wallets? I would really appreciate your recommendation

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