Bitcoin OTC Trading CONFIRMED!? Actual Crypto Volume 2x Larger! Plus Bitcoin Cash, XRP, & NEO News!!

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!! Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, and NEO. Twitter: …


  1. –
    This is the first crypto-exchange with an automatic liquidity aggregator,
    provided with A2A technology, which can trade a huge amount of cryptocurrency
    pairs. Through it, a trader can buy or sell any cryptocurrency from the top 100
    for any other one of his choice. In addition, the stock is 100% owned by
    investors, and YOU can easily become one of them! 100% of the total profits of
    the exchange will be divided among all investors.

  2. Seems to me that if the crypto market can be this easily manipulated, it's not a platform that will have honest growth made of it's own vivacity.

    Maybe, the good thing for us early investors is that these whales are greedy and will take us up the hill with them.

  3. Da Hongfei mentioned Blockchain not NEO specifically. NEO will be fine and yes in the short term gaming will be a big player in Blockchain, fastest way to mass adoption. Da also said gaming is second to finance. NEO is not just going to be a gaming platform. NEO was selected by NEL as their platform to develop gaming. NEO has strived to be compliant with regulations, so they are ahead of the pack in that regard. Bullish on NEO!!

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