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Bitcoin news! Why I believe we are very likely to see a Bitcoin breakout soon. *** The Folmann Report: *** NEW MONEY (my new …


  1. Hello always we here and listen to speculation. Now I have seen news around Ripple and Swift as a possible partnership. Is that a topic you could be interested in looking into now that we later this month also will have another event where both of them will present. Example of a tweet is: Mr. B XRP πŸ’§
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    By Ripple getting access to Swift's clients all at once could save them 3-5 years of adoption. From what I have seen Swift doesn't make very much money, I believe 25-30M per year, which I believe Ripple would gladly pay them as a yearly fee or some other arrangement.

  2. I know you like micro cap coins . Check out the exchange tradeogre. There’s some very low cap coins . Stellite and Actinium kinda stuck out as coins with good fundamentals

  3. It's all so utterly neutral atm it's tense! I must say though that the comments to this video may give an indication in that they, from the ones i read, indicate a kind of maturity. Not a lambo in sight, just measured 'yeah, don't really know but ultimately it'll come right..' Looking forward to the next 6 months! – Oh, and "are you prepared?" Good question Asger.

  4. I am preparing for a bullish market. I am investing in coins (only money i can loose) and i am learning to trade. I want to learn this because i think crypto will be huge in the future and i love to work with crypto. So i spent a lot of time on the internet watching your video's and others and trying to learn as much as i can. I love the bear market right now because i can buy low. I hope i will have another month to buy before Bitcoin will go up.

  5. It doesn't matter which way it goes. A break down will be snapped up so quickly it will fuel a run upward. My uncertainty is whether the alts will be able to keep pace with BTC…..

  6. I only buy when it goes down. I don't care how much it is up. I don't have better knowledge then that. This is working out for me . I also don't care about my btc value I care about its USD value.

  7. Considering there is a BAKKT coming up and market makers starting to store XRP, why would the market go down? Unless there is a huge manipulation of BTC ( if there is I think we would have seen it already ) . The only way is up

  8. Will be certainly interesting times to monitor between now and January. A lot of new money by new investors to the game are parked on the side and 'when' a bullish break out does happen it will be explosive. I think we will see another run like in the last cycle but better take profits going up as it will end i another pop before some sort of recovery again. Longish term (3-5 years, at least in crypto time line) I am very positive but these waves will give some great earning potential. Get your surf board ready!

  9. With ya brother, feeling a break out, and ready to see any movement that is not tied to simply future expirations and manipulative whales!. Good news hasnt had the effect it did back in 2017 but on the same note good news building on better news building on even greater news has a way of building up and suddenly exploding to the upside trend. At the very least it gives my confidence and positive sentiment renewed hope for a big win for the bulls!
    I feel like I have since Jan of 2018 – Accumulation, Accumulation and even more Accumulation!! With Bitcoin heading into cross Network test net and large otc buy walls in the entire crypto space the ladder suggests smart money getting impatient and beginning to push into the sphere regardless of sec definitions and that my friend is positive no matter how ya slice it! Cross Network use cases will give Bitcoin renewed fire and I just cannot see btc sitting comfortably under $7000 for very much longer! Love the work my friend, appreciate the time you make to better our portfolios and always look forward to the next video!! Thank you, Virgil

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