Bitcoin News – Bear Market 2014 & BTC Market 2018

We talked about the Bitcoin bear market of 2014 in many recent videos compared to where BTC is now in 2018. Bitcoin price has definitely had very similar …


  1. Not fair to compare it to 2014 since the number of people involved this year is huge compared to back then. But i see where you are going with the comparison.. Its true that long term investments like you mentioned in your tweet give better returns than day trade(Unless you are a whale who has enough coins to manipulate market). But i always wanted this market. In December i was cursing myself and praying that i have a time travelling machine to buy more coins when it was down. I somehow feel that my wish has been fulfilled lol. Its nice to see coins like LTC, Nano at such a bargain. Also low cap coins like elixir and DeepOnion giving good updates and still available for cheap. This is the time we all wanted in December. Lets not complain and buy potential coins.

  2. That is the mindset!! That’s why I buy buy buy not worried about the bottom at all we will all gain in the end!! Great video dan..this explains my entire thinking process extra money..naw I rather have more ltc!!! LTCFam let’s go get it!!! Be well

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