Bitcoin Moving BULLISH – Power Of Moving Averages

Bitcoin is moving bullish, and as bitcoin price sees some shorter term gains, it is good to look at the moving averages for clues into what potentially could come …


  1. Hey, Dan! love your videos. Trying to register for your site…. and i'm getting this error "The g-recaptcha-response field is required." can you or someone help me out?

  2. I think well see a btc dominance of around 60-70% with that etf news leading the charge. Alt technical analysis is getting crushed right now. Btc is pulling the alts in like a tsunami… itll return what it takes 10 fold for sure but make sure youre holding btc. A wave is coming.

  3. Dan would you recommend trading some litecoin for bitcoin? Just wanted your thoughts. I want to start gettting into other alts as well and am only holding litecoin. Do you know a good source for info on taxes and I also wanted to purchase a litecoin light for my mancave. Thanks for the videos.

  4. Your last video was right on time. I have been kinda bummed lately and the "pit of despair" graphic and your discussion of the value of failure reminded me to keep perspective. Usually I am the one trying to do that for others, but sometimes the cheerleaders need a cheerleader too. Going to make a vid on the topic today. Thanks.

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