Bitcoin Morning Brief w/ Jimmy – CoinJoin, t0 Scam Token & Pumping Stocks

ToneVays Website: Bitcoin: 3QN1imtFd5G9AwgcpDBVnPTux5h6g6gytT Litecoin: LX2qmQuJz8ag5mkVcCRzaUpPPiANAeQ69U Next Trading Seminar Singapore…


  1. I wish that town would give more of a summary on as price protection because most of all that stuff he is saying is all Greek. I mean can’t you just give the candy to say whether he’s parish or bullish on the daily and weekly to monthly and whatever? Maybe give a few price levels or something is just

  2. The reason why it is hard to tell the unit bomber’s manifesto from ours book is because the Yuna bomber considered outsource book as something like a Bible. I am not even joking

  3. if tone is already bitcoinmoneyrich… why on earth doesn´t he get some hair transplant done ? geezuz, i would definitely.
    but thats like a 0,75 btc surgery which i can´t effort. if you guys could spend me some coins, i will get my hair done and inform tone if they did well, lol

    c´mon guys its x-mas, spend some hair 😀

  4. Yeah Tone do Business class occationally. When I do (not all the time) I love sitting there drinking beer and the air-waitress(lol) giving me a warm towel for my face while everyone is still boarding – I always have a big smile

  5. A topic for discussion & I know you guys don't like BCH However I'd like to point out that that on Tradingview the feed from Bitstamp has truncated the history of BCH and is only showing the last 16 days… someone re-writing (or blotting out) history!
    (I'll post this over on WCN as well…along with some other ideas … but this one having to do with charting I'd like to hear from Tone & Jimmy.)

  6. TONE: Cheap and frugal are two totally different things.
    If you are smart with your money – You are frugal.
    If you steal packs of sugar from the diner – You are cheap.
    Love the show! Thanks.

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