Bitcoin Mooving! $10,000 By Q1 Says Mike Novogratz!

[VIDEO] Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: The Bitcoin price is showing signs of life for once.


  1. What do you think about the theory that miners are making sure the price stays at the point where it’s worth mining? I’ve heard this theory but have no evidence but goodness is there a lot of resistance to dropping below the current price range.

  2. So bearish Carl… I know this isn't a full on breakout, but you are very sceptical right now… maybe it will go down further but maybe it wont… but the chart is telling us it's moving up a bit

  3. As someone who has shorted for months and months I am tempted to give up and pull out, as HODLers are more determined than I gave them credit. Other shorts are falling off. Is this why we have a small pump?

  4. Using Gann tool, the bottom is expected on July 8th, 2019. So no moon now guys. It can pump a bit and down again. Also, 20k was the wave 5. The correction is nowhere near the end. So good luck to the moon boys. I wish it could go up from here, but the only thing I can see is, if there’s any other pump, it will be nothing. Bye bye, BTC, it’s been a good time trading you 🙁

  5. Just saying you should no difference between a slight correction / pull back and and crash ,you acting all like the stock market was gonna crash could have made people pull money out and not buy that great dip and miss these massive gains …the stock market is strong or maybe you should just stick to cryptocurrency cause you might not know the stock market as well …

  6. Can you start talking about the booming stock market seems you only talk about when you think it's gonna crash , I told you there was no crash coming for a very very long time …stock market is booming economy is great and jobs everywhere…let's talk big booming stocks

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