Bitcoin Misery Index’s Tom Lee of Fundstrat on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Millennials

While recently in Bangkok Thailand for the Hybrid Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency conference, I had the incredible opportunity to sit down and speak with non-other …


  1. It might interest you all to know that my 14 day investment with Hurley Jordan came through few minutes ago, I usually won't disclose the amount but 5btc is quite an amazing feat to attain with 0.5 and only 14 days of trading

  2. Charlie Lee is a scam artist that can neither draw, paint or sing, all of you snowflakes 🐑 people and Muppets, were taken for a ride and were bent over by this two bit hustler in a nice suit! Enjoy the ride down!

  3. Hey Beau you asked some awesome questions! Questions I've always wondered about but have never seen asked by anyone. Becoming a bigger fan of yours and your way of thinking 🙂

  4. ….and here we are 48hrs since publishing the largest frrefall since January 2018. Down down down….ever had that dream of falling…..Here we are and its no dream 25%+ across the board. Reflex activity…..a real fucking smack on the knee, this sell off will cripple crypto for weeks.

  5. Tom Lees predictions for 2018 about 5 months ago..$20k by mid 18, $50k by year end..revised recently to $20k by year end…Looking like some serious egg on face coming his way.

  6. Plz speak bit loud and ask clear questions…….u were not sure what questions u r gonna ask……..plz prepare questions……..but overall good discussion….

  7. Bitcoin is at an unreal discount, in 1 year you will laugh at the 6k price tag. Cost average into Bitcoin the 5-6 months. Take 5-10% of your paycheck every month and put it into Bitcoin. The world is changing wether you like it your not. There is only 21M Bitcoins and there will always be someone who needs it and wants it out of the 7700 million people on earth. Also remember Bitcoin can be divided into 100million BITS. In the future 2-3 years owning 1 Bitcoin will be super rare. Get 1 now while you still have the chance at around 6k.

  8. haven't watched yet but i haven't been wrong with this bear pennant bottom or in fact ive been banned from most coin groups in telegram and YouTube from IOTA ADA XVG EoS TRX for calling bear 6k btc in January now are you ready for 8 years of a long bottom saucer @2210 land. see you in 2022 at 90k+

  9. That was a good one Beau, Thanks
    Excepted the bit about the 30 year olds, I have just spent a bit of time getting
    My son and daughter (38&35) into crypto. Now I found out there too old for it!
    Where does that leave me?? 🙂
    PS. How is your programing going (go the engineering tradies)
    Regards Melbourne

  10. Cool interview Beau ! You did look pretty nervous in the beginning of the interview, but I could see you felt more and more comfortable.
    Anyway, it's pretty gutsy to do something that makes you feel nervous like this, and that's always a good sign of growth.

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  12. Great interview Beau. Crazy Stat Tom dropped – Millenials will control 7 Trillion in assets in coming years. Where can I find data or research on this statistic? Yew!

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